Obsługa Doradcza Firm Sp. z o.o.


The Obsługa Doradcza Firm Sp. z o.o. specialises in solving of complex business – related problems, requiring a comprehensive approach, covering legal, econo–financial, strategic and structural – organisational aspects of the corporate development.

Another the Obsługa Doradcza Firm Sp. z o.o. area of specialisation consists of sectoral projects, aimed at different branches of economy, particularly in the field of strategy design and development.

Complex undertakings, conducted by the Obsługa Doradcza Firm Sp. z o.o. for the significant Polish clients, as well as cooperation with foreign ones, fulfil the above – mentioned specialisation areas with executed, big – scale projects, what is shown in the list of credentials.

The Obsługa Doradcza Firm Sp. z o.o. offer for potential clients includes:

  • formal – legal consulting
  • econo – financial consulting
  • strategy development consulting
  • companies’ organisational structure development as well as holding – and consortium – type structures design and development
  • organisational procedures development consulting
  • mergers and take-overs consulting
  • privatisation route selection consulting
  • business plans development and execution of complex evaluations of companies and projects
  • investment offers development
  • conducting branch and sectoral analyses
  • cooperation in obtaining financing of projects and undertakings

In order to see a list of undertakings executed so far in a particuler aspect of services, please select a proper fragment of the circle.

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